Team leadership lessons from football coaching

Some of my colleagues and I were lucky enough to spend some time with Ian Bateman, one of the Football Association’s youth coach educators and Head Coach of England’s partially-sighted Futsal squad. as an opportunity for us to learn about coaching and leadership from outside of the software development "bubble".

Agile Manchester 2018 and “The Why”

I attended the Agile Manchester 2018 conference to share Redgate’s journey with team autonomy and learn from other agile practitioners. Here are my highlights from the conference and my biggest takeaway - it's all about The Why.

Level Up 2018: The Redgate Product Development Conference

This week something pretty awesome happened at Redgate. we ran an internal learning and development conference for 80 Redgaters at IWM Duxford near Cambridge. Software Engineers, UX Designers, Product Managers, Development Leads and assorted leadership types came together to learn about, share and collaborate on a vast range of subjects.

Try Walking 1 to 1s

Ever been sat in a 1 to 1 meeting with one of your team and felt like you were struggling to concentrate on them - unable to really listen to what they had to say or explore their problem with them? Well, I have. So, I’ve experimented with going for a walk during these "catch-up" sessions. It’s been great.

Inspect and adapt how you build as well as what you build

The need to inspect and adapt is the fundamental concept at the centre of the agile software development movement. However, it often seems that the drive to inspect and adapt is only deliberately applied to what we build and not how we build. This means how a team works together, how they use the technologies at their disposal and how they apply processes can go unimproved.

How to coach a colleague in three steps

Everyone in the workplace would benefit from having coaching techniques in their toolbox. Coaching is a great practice to apply when a colleague is stuck or struggling with a task, problem or new challenge. Here's how to coach a colleague in three simple steps.

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