Level Up 2018: The Redgate Product Development Conference

This week something pretty awesome happened at Redgate. My colleagues and I in the product development division’s leadership team ran an internal learning and development conference for 80 Redgaters at IWM Duxford near Cambridge. Software Engineers, UX Designers, Product Managers, Development Leads and assorted leadership types came together to learn about, share and collaborate on a vast range of subjects.


The conference’s sessions were proposed, planned and delivered by people from within product development at Redgate. The programme comprised 18 sessions (a mix of talks and workshops) which 20 people were involved in delivering, spread across four thematic tracks. We also got to wander around a museum gazing at planes.

All this for the same price as sending two people to an international software development conference.

The energy and engagement at the event was great and the feedback emerging from attendees since has been overwhelmingly positive with a good smattering of constructive feedback for next time (this is Redgate after all and we love us some constructive feedback). All-in-all, I can’t recommend trying this kind of event enough. Although, be warned; it’s hard work to organise!

If you want more insight into how we planned and delivered the event then head over to Redgate’s ingeniously simple blog for the story.


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