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Hi, I’m Chris Smith, a software development leader, manager and coach based in Cambridge, United Kingdom. In my career so far, I’ve been a software engineer (for about 13 years), a ScrumMaster, a business analyst (for about 5 minutes), an agile project manager and a software development manager. Right now, I’m Head of Product Delivery at Redgate – a purveyor of ingeniously simple tools and services for database professionals. You can read more about how we roll at Redgate on our software development blog – ingeniouslysimple.com.

I’m a proponent of agile software development practices and lean product development. Over the years I have become less focused on processes & frameworks and more interested in organizational culture and building an environment where people & agile software development teams can flourish. I believe that’s where teams have a clear purpose, the context & freedom they need to take decisions, and the space to hone their approach & skills.

I’ve spent a bit of time thinking about my leadership values, and you can read more about that here, but in summary, I believe:

  • People should have a clear purpose, the freedom to act and a drive to improve.
  • The team will do better than the individual.
  • People should be understood, supported and fulfilled in their work.

So, I guess you can expect those interests and principles to be reflected in the articles on this site!

You can find me on twitter @cj_smithy and on linkedin. Here are some of my recent posts:

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