Video: Three years of self-selection reteaming at Redgate

In October I was lucky enough to speak at Software Acumen’s Lean Agile Exchange conference on the subject of “Three years of self-selection reteaming at Redgate“.

For the past three years Redgate has run a self-selection reteaming process to shape how teams are assigned to reflect the company’s strategy for the year ahead. Our approach allows people to strongly influence which team they’re part of, encouraging them to move towards the work they find most engaging. We’ve found reteaming in this way to be good for our people, our teams and our products. In this session we’d like to convince you to try self-selection reteaming too.

In this talk I share the story of why and how Redgate took the plunge, deciding to run our own self-selection reteaming process. I describe what went right and what went wrong, and how that first attempt has lead us to making reteaming an annual event that’s popular with senior management and our software development teams. My aim in giving the talk was to allay the fears software development leaders may have about self-selection reteaming and encourage other organisations to give their people a greater say over the team they are part of and the work they do.

Here’s the recording if you fancy taking a look (I’m sure it sounds fine at 1.25x speed):

Let me know your thoughts and feedback in the comments! Oh, and you can find the slides here, if you’d like them!

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