Podcast appearance: Dynamic Reteaming at Redgate on Mastering Agility

This month I was interviewed by Sander Dur on his excellent Mastering Agility podcast to talk about – you’ve guessed it – Redgate’s journey with self-selection reteaming over the last three years. I always enjoy explaining why we give Redgaters a strong influence over the team they are in and the work they do, and how we go about the process. I’m hoping our story can inspire and encourage leaders in other organizations to give it a try!


My episode followed hot-on-the-heels from Sander talking to Heidi Helfand about the ideas contained in her book Dynamic Reteaming. Hopefully these two episodes provide the theory and a case study into how organizations can get real about the inevitability of team change and use to their advantage. Sander was a very curious & articulate host, so thanks to him I think the episode I am on is a good listen.

Check it out wherever you get your pods!

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