Be deliberate: why this blog exists

Welcome to my blog.

My name is Chris, a agile project manager, development manager and agile coach based in Cambridge, United Kingdom. I work for a software company called Redgate – a purveyor of ingeniously simple software tools and services. My job is to lead agile software development teams; helping them to solve their own problems and do the best work of their lives.

Why have I decided that the internet needs yet another team leader-y type blogging self-importantly about how agile software development should be done? Well, I haven’t. The internet would probably cope without me. Probably.

Instead, I’ve decided that I’d like to clarify what I actually think about the processes, practices and skills I use in my role as a leader of agile software development teams. I hope that by analysing my thoughts and opinions, and then consolidating them into short articles, I’ll be a more insightful, consistent and effective leader.

Before I started this blog, I’d written a few posts for a blog sponsored by my employer and found that I really enjoy the writing process (although I make it a slower process than I’d like). The exercise also encourages me to decide what I think, rather than simply rely on instinct or past behaviour. Subsequently, I’ve found that I have been able to contribute much more insight in conversations I have had about the subjects on which I have blogged.

I try encourage myself and my team to be deliberate; to set out what we mean to do before (hopefully) doing it, rather than react to a given situation, opportunity or problem in whichever way took our fancy in that instant. In that spirit, and for my reference later, here’s what I want to achieve with this blog:

  • Decide what I think
  • Improve as a writer
  • Have fun

So… that’s why this blog exists.

What do I think?
What do I think?

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