Talking reteaming on Agile.FM with Joe Krebs

This month I was invited on the Agile.FM podcast to chat with it’s host, Joe Krebs, about my experiences with annual self-selection reteaming at Redgate.

Joe is Founder, Agile Coach and Trainer at Incrementor and has had pretty much every software development leader who has inspired me during my career so far on his podcast – Esther Derby, Jurgen Appelo, Heidi Helfand, Linda Rising, David Hussman, Jeff Gothelf & Jeff Pattern. The list goes on and on. So, I was chuffed to be asked on while also suffering from some serious Imposter Syndrome. I think it went ok, though.

During our conversation we cover why Redgate Software started deliberately reteaming, the changes we were trying to support, how satisfied participants have been and the unexpected advantages of running the process completely remotely this year.

Check it out:

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