Video: How to level-up learning & development

Back in October Jeff Foster and I gave a talk at Agile Cambridge 2018 about the drive to improve Learning & Development at Redgate Software through Open Space events and our inaugural internal product development conference.

Thanks to the awesome folks at Software Acumen, a video of our session is available below! Check it out if you want to hear why we believe learning & development is so important for your software development teams and what we’ve been up to in an attempt to encourage personal growth.

How to level-up learning and development – Agile Cambridge 2018

How to level-up learning and development


Here’s the abstract of the session:

In this session, Jeff and Chris will talk about how, over the past few years, Redgate has tried to encourage people and teams to embrace learning and development and engage in their personal growth. We’ve also tried to shape this growth, to help prepare our organisation for the challenges and opportunities it will face in the future. Some of the techniques we tried have worked, some haven’t.

We have recently had an epiphany; that if we create the right environment for learning and development, people will generate and shape the content themselves, building on each other’s strengths and developing each other.

Participants will learn about our journey so far with learning and development at Redgate. We’ve tried golden tickets, 10% time, down tools weeks, katas and guilds – and still something was missing. We’ll tell you about how our efforts brought us to curating and organising our own product development conference and what happened as a result.

Further Information

I wrote about Redgate’s inaugural product development conference – LeveUp2018 earlier this year here and detailed how it was receieved here.

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